MINI drivers

Interestingly enough, The Fabulous Lorraine said exactly the same thing about my driving a couple of years ago, when I picked her up from LAX. ... Not even showing her my Safe Driver certificate from the DMV was enough to convince her that I could be let on the road without causing great bodily harm to my fellow Angeleños.

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Camping trip

Had a lovely weekend in Rancho Cuyamaca, camping. The pine and oak forest there is just beginning to recover from the 2004 fire, so there are stretches of trees with blackened branches amidst clumps of scrub and undergrowth. Some trees oddly sprout green crowns, and others are unscathed. As the year's been dry, the meadow grass is brown and bleached gold. I saw an oak with mistletoe, and wanted to immediately cut some, but since the tree was within sight of the ranger station, decided against it.

10/10/07- dear diary: traffic edition

Dear diary,

why is it that the larger a vehicle is, the more likely its driver is to pretend they're driving a small sportscar?

Do people who rustle and crackle plastic bags in cars seriously have no idea that they're tempting fate? The Furies have a light workload these days -- let's hire them out to torment the offenders with crackling plastic in their ears.

Can we please rename the country music station in LA to 'KGOD'? why pretend anymore? it's become the same 12 bible-thumping, redneck theme songs on endless repeat.

is it bad that I can now read freeway graffiti?

i'm pretty sure that there's something in the vehicle code forbidding more than one lane change per minute.

hating the 405 to death,