apparently, it's a political day on the blog

Something to consider about the people "who worked really hard to make sure that I and everyone who didn’t agree with their blind support of Bush and Bush policies didn’t feel welcome...”... Ever read <a href="">"Red Family, Blue Family"?</a> It's a great overview of George Lakoff and James Ault's work in political cognition and sociology.... It’s the other side, we believe, that wants to start wars, keep the poor in their place, and make second-class citizens out of gays, non-Christians, non-English-speakers, and anyone else who didn’t come out of their cookie-cutter.

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it's been a day

It's been a day.

My cel phone is currently locked up in my office's lost & found; I suspended service to it temporarily until it got found (of course, after I left work is when someone finds it). So if you call it, and you get the suspended message, that's why. I am fine, the phone is fine. I just don't have the gas, or the time, to go drive up to Saltmine U. tomorrow morning, then back down the 5 to San Diego for Nerd Prom, so the cel phone's going to sit in the office until Monday.

Good times.

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dave mckean

Dave McKean's having a show in LA this Saturday night: And I'm seriously considering leaving the studio early to go.... He's been a major influence in my design work and art, and it would be great to meet and thank him. On the other hand… if I blow off the evening class, there might be wrath.

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