font size rant

a brief rant about font size:

if you are a client of mine, and you're trying to shoehorn in 2 pages' worth of copy into a single 8.5 x 11 sheet, with .5" margins, and you also want to have a form for people to write in legibly, guess what?

the type's going to be small.

and if you can't read it, buy some goddamn reading glasses. admit to yourself that you're getting old, and just fork over the $10 for a cheap pair of magnifying lens at the local drugstore.

or, just write less. it's a donor information sheet, not a letter home to your mom.

i am now on the <em>fourth</em> proof of this sheet. the type started out at 7pt, to fit their original design. they didn't want to move any copy to the back of the sheet. okay… fine. it looks horrid, but i made it 10pt (the standard size for print in the body copy of a newspaper, mind you). now they would like it even larger, but won't cut anything, and won't let me move anything, and want more things on the page larger as well. and they'd like it to have more 'pizzaz.'

got news for ya: the holocaust and 'pizzaz' don't go together. this is a sheet for potential donors who are coming to hear a prominent concentration camp survivor come speak here. no, 'pizzaz' is not appropriate.

i really can't stand the times when i have to deal with the office of professional beggars.