so you want to be a designer? part iv. ethics.

this morning, i interview minion candidates #1 and 2.

in candidate #1's interview, a couple of red flags get raised. 'hmm,' i think to myself, 'this one doesn't look good. but they might surprise me, so might as well let them take the test.'

i give candidate #1 the test. i give the instructions. i leave the room, figuring that A-having me in there will only stress them out more, B-i want to write up my observations in private, and C-i might as well make it an ethics test. so i go downstairs and have some coffee. i come back up, 45 minutes later, and they're still working on the test. i close the interview, take the test from them, and wish them luck as i hand them my card.

i look at the test, and notice that the candidate got the layout question correct, which i thought was odd, for someone who didn't have a lot of print experience. then i notice that the wording for one of the answers seems totally unlike this candidate's diction.

so i pull up the browser history of firefox. nothing. i pull up the browser history of internet explorer.


the candidate looked up the answers on the web and was stupid enough to not clear the browser history. guess what score that test got?