news from the work front:

i'm done with one of the two supervisory training courses i'm in. got my little award and had a business lunch. business lunches are really draining for me, because i have to socialize with people i don't know well, in a setting i'm not used to. i have to fall back on all my experience at family functions where conversation is stressed over all else, in order to endure them. which isn't to say that i don't like my coworkers -- i do. but the stress of having to dedicate so much bandwidth to being extroverted drains me.

also, molasses is gone. yesterday, my boss and i were meeting after we'd interviewed one of the minion candidates, and she asked me how things were going with the temp. as i paused to think for a minute about how to tactfully describe things, my boss said, 'you know, we can get you another temp.'

'well, i don't want to be difficult,' i said. 'or picky, but...'

she leaned forward across her desk. 'we can get you another temp.'

'well, i don't want to seem...'

'do you want another temp?'

i paused and took a breath.

'okay, that's it, we're getting you another temp.'

i heaved a sigh of relief. 'thanks,' i said.

however, things went slightly awry this morning. HR was supposed to call molasses' agency yesterday, so the agency could tell her wed. (today) was her last day. molasses walked in this morning, and said, 'i should let you know that i'm not feeling well.'

'okay,' i said. 'did your agency call you?'

she looked confused. i realized then that the agency had not.

'well, today's your last day; the agency was supposed to let you know that. '

this was not met well. there was no crying, but she wanted to know why. i felt like i was in a bad breakup, as i gave the HR-required answer: 'your services are no longer required.' then she wanted to know if i would be a reference for her. luckily, HR also has an answer for that: we're only allowed to confirm the dates worked. *then*, because apparently she wasn't getting the hint, she asked me if i had any feedback for her.

i was as kind as could be while still telling the truth. i suggested that she learn more about the basic principles of design; that she practice creating comps more quickly; that she get more experience using the software programs so that she could work faster, and i suggested that perhaps she should focus on trying to find other types of work that better played to her strengths. that whole 'do no harm' law... kinda tricky in instances like this.

i filled out her time card for the 75 minutes she was in the office, then sent her off to go see her doctor, and she left.

this morning, four people came by my office and asked me if i'd let her go. yikes. apparently, my reputation for not putting up with crap is growing.