so you want to be a designer? part vii: first day.

hey kids! what time do YOU show up for your first day of work at a new job?

you probably get up at ass o'clock and go to the job's location early, right? maybe wander around, find coffee, try to destress? you know, like most folks?

apparently, on my new minion's planet, the answer is to have his new boss call him twice by 9:42 a.m., wondering where he was!

he called me back a couple of minutes ago, saying he thought he was supposed to report at 10:30, when he was meeting with the payroll supervisor. i told him, 'no, you were supposed to report at the start of the work day, which is 8 o'clock.' he was supposed to also meet with my boss at 9.

before he's even walked in the door, he's managed to mildly irritate me, and annoy my boss. he keeps this up, and he's going to get a new nickname besides 'minion.'