no good deed...

driving home tonight, I:

-did two people a favor
-bent a rule
-got into a car accident
-got everyone through it not just alive, but unharmed
-sacrificed slushbucket
-kept calm
-kept everyone else calm
-only said, 'i told you so' once
-discovered that slushbucket is fragile
-watched a second accident as I talked with the other drivers. that one was an ugly hit & run
-was *not* issued a ticket, though technically I could've been
-waited 2 hours for a tow truck & replacement slushbucket
-went through one hell of a bonding experience
-missed karate class

and by all that's holy, I need a drink. sorry to be so cryptic, but my job's legal dept. policy is to not talk about what happened, except to the highway patrol. and since this is public, there we go.

my back is sore, but i'm fine. posting this from my cel phone on the way back.

[EDIT] all the same, i went to kaiser to get myself checked out, because after the adrenaline wore off, i began to hurt, a lot. i got diagnosed with whiplash, and given naproxen 500mg (2x daily) and flexeril 10mg (3x daily, damn!).