art update

tonight, for fun and excitement, i did a bunch of small maintenance for freelance work, including entering in receipts for expenses i can write off on my taxes. you laugh, but you've clearly never had to buy what j. refers to as 'unobtanium purple,' or 'impossibilium blue' paint, have you? the mark of true friendship -- you let them use some of your cadmium paints. anyone can use the $6.50 tube of ivory black. sure, knock yourself out. but cadmium red deep? now we're talking some serious cash.

i also took some shots of recent work, which only served as a reminder that i badly need to learn how the hell to photograph my work. i suspect i need more than one light, and a tripod, and that elusive element of patience. here's a charcoal drawing, with some oil paintings below:


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and a couple of oil paintings:


this is at an angle, but you can see the whole scene in this one.


i liked that i was able to capture a bit of the background, though it's still blown out.


and this is more indicative of the value range of the whole piece. the second painting below, i never got around to finishing the eyes on. some people have liked the effect it gives, but i'm not sure if i like it or not. she's got a very intense stare.





and that's enough for one night, i think.