top 10 ways to be That Guy in art class

you know, That Guy. the one who you see walk in, and you inwardly cringe and slump a bit, hoping that your dread and resignation aren't visible on your face.

  1. argue with your teacher, endlessly, about the flaws in your work.
  2. say, 'oh, i meant to do that,' or 'oh, i was going to do that,' every time you're given constructive criticism.
  3. habitually show up late, forcing everyone to rearrange themselves, their easels, and their materials to accommodate you.
  4. jockey for 'the best spot' in front of the model.
  5. interrupt the teacher incessantly while they're talking.
  6. monopolize the teacher's time during class.
  7. forget your materials or never seem to quite have enough of them and have to borrow.
  8. never speak to any of the other students in a friendly way, but instead be aloof and keep everyone at a distance.
  9. speak to everyone around you, all the time, without once drawing breath.
  10. tell everyone how good your work is.

there you go! how to be resented by your fellow students.

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