comic-con preparations

it's been a productive day -- with help from j., i got all my paintings shot and imported, and i'm working on resizing smaller versions of them to post in my gallery. that's a huge load off my mind, and i'm glad to have that hurdle overcome, as it'd been vexing me all week.
also, i bought a camelbak at REI today. j. was getting a small one, and i thought hey… how perfect would this be for the con? i have a serious hiking backpack with a platypus water reservoir, but it's serious enough that it has a metal frame, and is pretty huge -- which means tempting to fill up with crap. in order to function optimally, it needs to have the hip and chest belts fastened, and that's just a bit too much, even for comic-con. it's very tempting to someday upgrade to the military camelbak line. but i think that the one i got will be just right -- enough to carry 2L of water, fill easily from a fountain, and carry a couple of small things. the last three years, i've carried around a shoulder bag, which has left my back in agony by the end of the day, despite switching shoulders periodically. i managed to fit about 50 lbs. in it last year, between all the books, markers, more books, posters, water, portfolio, snack bars, etc. not something i recommend doing.
now, for the comic colorist part of the portfolio. hey, there's always a chance marvel, DC, dark horse, et. al. are in dire need of a new colorist.
and oh yeah… business cards that look interesting.
and the last few touches on the website and gallery.


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