weekend of art and cleaning

i'm still waiting for my glamorous life to materialize. you know, the one you're supposed to get when you're single: the one that features cabaña boys, frosty beverages, and luxury. instead my weekend could be summed up in two words: painting and cleaning.

friday, i got to spend the day drawing. almost all day, just drawing in the studio. friday night, i got to have good conversation and good food with friends. and margaritas. saturday, painting in the studio, followed by more painting in the studio. i will post some pictures when i get myself, my camera, and the art i produced this weekend all in the same place.

yesterday, however, was the Day of Other People's Chores That Needed Doing. which is the entire point behind my rather lamely-named Chore Club (it's like Fight Club, but without the misogyny and with trash bags). hopefully, though, it will all come back around and one of these months, i will have a half-dozen minions friends over to help me with my chores.

it was a cool weekend and all, but the distinct lack of cabaña boys was a bit disappointing. i did, however, have frosty beverages, which almost made up for it.

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