perhaps a distant cousin

scouring the internets looking for pictures of a yarnover to show an old college friend, i ran across the crazy aunt purl blog. holy crap! when i saw the words, 'drunk, divorced, and covered in cat hair,' i was pretty sure i had found a kindred soul. but on further blogstalking reading, i think i might have discovered a distant cousin.

surely, no one else could also be:

  • an art director;
  • living in a small house in LA;
  • family is from the South;
  • divorced and fending off spinsterhood;
  • a knitter;
  • has redneck neighbors who are addicts (to what exactly is a subject of debate);
  • animals--dog and a cat (used to have two cats, until recently);
  • also tend to say vastly inappropriate things at exactly the wrong time;
  • a shared tendency to forget all about whatever is cooking in the kitchen.
  • an unholy love of beer and wine.


this is just too eerie to not be some Southern family curse, applicable only to divorced women who knit (there are stranger curses in the South, let me tell you). it's not the first time i have found a distant cousin on the internet -- i ran across mason a few months ago. so it's not totally out of the realm of possibility.

now i feel weird for emailing a total stranger.