awesome antlers

this morning didn't go particularly well; i woke up when my first alarm went off, then promptly fell back asleep, and managed to somehow ignore the second alarm going off three times. i woke up at 6:08, then flew out of the house and got in the car, with no coffee, and began the two-hour drive to work… where i discovered i'd left my office keys 55 miles away, back at my house.


but then i set about making coffee, and checking my email, where i found john howe's newsletter waiting for me. in it, he wrote,

"There are two kinds of books I find intolerable - the ones that show you how to draw animals or humans by starting with a series of ovals and parallelograms and the art books that are filled with overlays scarring famous paintings, mapping out the purportedly arcane secrets of composition and golden sections."

which by itself was enough to make me want to forward it on to friends. but as i read further, i discovered this painting of cernunnos he'd generously posted. and not just posted the final image, but included photos and commentary about its creation.


AWESOME antlers.

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