more cowbell

sometimes i think my entire job could be summed up as meeting people's requests for more cowbell in their life. of course, when you give them more cowbell, they freak out and say it's too edgy. sigh. i keep forgetting one of the cardinal rules of design:

give the client what they secretly want, not what they ask for.

in other news:

  • my treo is mysteriously taking to its bed with the vapors every time i try to sync the calendar between it and my computer, or between it and the Exchange server at work. i don't want to have to do a hard reset, wiping its memory, and then reinstalling everything, but i will if i must. [EDIT: ha! i have once again proved my mad 1337 skillz, and gotten it to work.]
  • i've given away three bags of avocados in the last few days, and am on the lookout for more suckers eager recipients.
  • a bunch of cooking happened yesterday, over at my mom's. (hi, mom!) she did the actual cooking, and i helped by repeating recipe steps to her every few minutes, a role not to be underestimated. we made cassoulet, blackeyed peas, and split pea soup. bacon figured largely in every recipe, which is awesome. i also took home a pie for clownburner and some spanakopita, and pomegranates, which i dutifully dispensed to The Drummer.
  • i also unraveled (or frogged) a hat i was knitting, when i discovered that perhaps it's best to have a plan for decreasing, instead of just winging it. then i discovered that when you have a K2, P2 pattern, you need to cast on a multiple of 4. not a multiple of 4, ±3. funny, that.

in the studio:

  • the egg continues to need more cowbell. colors were good, the form was not. i have to admit that the shadow did indeed look like i'd slapped a rubber band on the egg.
  • however, my second try at the white bust on the white background under white light went much better. colors didn't get chalky; got a a likeness, and did not need Help. go me!
  • the three-week painting is finished; pictures forthcoming once it's dry. otherwise, you just get shine and not much else.

also, i need to meet more people, which is surprisingly difficult to do between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., outside of a bar. social life definitely needs more cowbell.

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