crunchy tendons and car lights

so boys and girls, what do you do when you're feeling a strange crunch in your left foot?

if you answered, 'go to the doctor, you dumbass,' you're right! i now have a very nifty post-op shoe to wear.

Photo 092807 002

check out that style!

it's to keep the tendons in the top of my foot from bending up when i walk. after five xrays, it's determined that nothing's broken, but i am supposed to stay off my foot and elevate it for the next couple of days, which precludes going to the studio tomorrow.

apparently, it's not so good when you land a kick incorrectly on your 80 lb. heavy bag. i didn't think much of it at the time, but i managed to bruise the muscle on the top of my foot, and move my tendons to places they should not be. the crunch sensation is the tendons snapping back to where they're supposed to go, and then back to where they're at.

Photo 092807 003
a closeup, sans shoe.

how i feel about my foot.
Photo 092807 006

the kicker to the evening, though, was on the way home from sushi, courtesy of my fabulous best friend, when he discovered that my right headlight was out.

Photo 092807 008-1

how i feel about the car misbehaving.

the brights and fog lamp and parking light, and turn signal all still work on that side, and the bulb is good, as are the fuses… so it's probably just a loose wire. or, some really expensive electrical system problem. let's all cross our fingers and think 'loose wire,' shall we?

Photo 092807 013-1

this is me, officially taking to my bed with the vapors. tomorrow i'll go tackle the car, but for now, i'm done with today.

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