new whole foods

i went to check out the new whole foods in tustin, rumored to be just amazing. it was pretty not bad. okay, it was torment to go to the day before payday. that was a dumb idea of mine.

it was much larger than any other whole foods i'd been in, and it was still packed. the whole body section was so large, that there was an entire table of handmade soaps:

Photo 093007 001

Photo 093007 002

and some of my favorite incense!

Photo 093007 003
the piñon incense was made from real resin. man, that smelled so good!

their bread section was pretty impressive, with lots of hand-baked breads:

Photo 093007 004

and then there were the artisan cheeses:

Photo 093007 005
notice the edible flowers pressed into the goat cheese roll.

Photo 093007 006
and the leaves wrapped around more goat cheese!

there was a gelato bar; a churrascaria; a sushi bar; a deli; a tea bar; a coffee bar; and as if that weren't enough -- a wine bar.

and then i had to leave, before i got overwhelmed with the impulse to utterly ruin my bank account. i resisted bravely.