crazy aunt purl book signing

art directors who also happen to be divorced knitters in LA need to band together. i think there's maybe five of us all told, though i've only met one: laurie perry, the woman behind the incredibly popular crazy aunt purl blog. so last night in a show of solidarity, i went to her book signing at the barnes & noble at the grove.

this is me in line, cut out from the rest of the photo, taken by ellen bloom (it's #14 in her slideshow):


i think that's my best polite listening face ever. i wonder if that's how i look when cracksmoking ideas come up in meetings and i have to say, 'mmm.' i wonder if my hair will ever stay looking brushed for longer than two minutes after i put the brush away. laurie did a great job, and i maintain that she's much too hard on herself when writing about how she acts in public. she also understood why it was only because a helpful sign was posted right outside the barbeque joint in the nearby farmers' market, that i found the bookstore. i mean, dude. where else do you go to find the person from the South who's signing books, but the local barbeque place?

finishing up the book a while ago, i noticed that in a photo of one of the knitted things there are patterns for, there is a pica pole to show scale. i'm not the only one who owns one! art directors, represent!

it's the small things in life, really.