my other minion is a pagan superhero

Bet you didn't know that pagans have comic-book superheros, did you? Sure do. We have sláine, who was pretty much pagan by default, since he is a pre-Christian Celt. Okay, maybe not really, but on my planet, it counts anyway.

Slaine -H-7- 16

Superman might fly around and all, but Sláine wears plaid and looks badass anyway, no mean feat. And sometimes, you could use a little superhero at work. So I enlisted him as a second minion, because I'm always looking to expand my small-but-mighty empire.

Photo 101807 001

Here Sláine is on my desk, joining forces with the Tick, and my gargoyle pen holder. The gargoyle's probably not supposed to have a non-photo-blue pencil in his mouth, but what the hell.

Most people here at Saltmine U. have really tidy desks, with nothing on them. It's freaky. I am just not that kind of person. I hate sterile-looking environments; they make me feel like someone's about to do surgery on my back when i'm not paying attention, because they're so clinical-looking and cold.

Most people here look put-together, polished, and corporate. I'm not that kind of person, either. It's a small miracle if I don't have a coffee stain somewhere on my clothes by 9 a.m., which should clue you into why I wear so much black. (You'd think coffee stains would blend right into dark brown, but no.) Like Sláine, my fashion choices, if I could have my druthers, would involve furry boots, jewelry, and as much as I hate to admit it, some really unflattering but comfy pants. And a huge fur cloak, because how cool is that? And it's warm, too. So I keep Sláine around to remind me that I don't have to meet the west LA standards. He's a useful minion, that way. Does no actual design work, but moral support is also good.

There's also the side benefit of being totally prepared for any invaders that might start eying my office. Sláine's on the case, ready to repel them with his axe, Brainbiter. And, it's amusing to think of him coming to life and chopping away at vexing clients. That would be awesome. ;)