10/22/07 smoke and flame

smoke from the fires, as seen from the 55 south at 6:15 p.m.

A friend who was flying into LAX last night remarked this morning on how much LA looks like mordor right now. The orange county fire authority is unintentionally furthering that simile by naming the santiago canyon fire, 'ORC 2536512.' (or some random number like that.) so, I can't help but wonder -- does this orc get special commendation for wreaking utter havoc near my house? Does sauron give this pyro orc a bonus for every thousand acres burnt? he and his 18 hordemates are doing a bang-up job on southern california.

i've been anxious today, waiting to hear if my grandparents will be evacuated from their house, since they live in an area under voluntary evacuation. Embers from the fire are blowing west for miles, and i'm probably going to soak my house and roof (it's wood, ack!) tonight.

winds near my house have been going anywhere from 16 - 60+ mph. Fun times.