in which my house is overtaken by morning glories

not much painting has happened in the last two weeks, as my studio drafting table attests.

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notice the book of medical complaints. it's been that sort of month. today, i am at home, drugged on vicodin for a particularly tiresome, week-long stomachache and GI tract insurrection. the puzzled doctor had blood and other things sampled, and i'm waiting to hear what new nonsense is in store for me. i've been put on the BRAT diet (banana, rice, applesauce, and toast), which i've had to modify, as i'm allergic to bananas. but saying you're on the RAT diet gets you funny looks, so i thought about renaming it the TARG diet (g for gatorade), which has the added bonus of scoring more geek points.

however, the novelty of being home in daylight has made me notice this odd shape in my living room window:

 Mg 3264

which on closer inspection, looks like this:

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the vine's come through the closed window, and has started to climb the drape.

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as cool as it looks, i should probably enlist someone who isn't allergic to plants to do the actual gentle removal for me. this is one of the hazards of being home only when it's dark. see what happens when you work too much?

it's in the 90s outside, and a lovely day. i wish i could see more of it from my bathroom. time for more vicodin and gatorade.