gallery is back up, and lists

i have no earthly idea how a directory went missing from my site, yet its subdirectories stayed put where they belonged-- but /art had buggered off to parts unknown, which hosed the gallery. many thanks to my Evil Twin for taking a look at it when i was stumped and missing the obvious. so the gallery's back up, and you all can now go back to looking at it, voting for your favorites, and leaving comments on the art. yes, i suppose it does need more images of recent art, doesn't it?

however, that will have to wait until i finish the following:

  • the current task from the man with two silver earrings which if left unfinished, will require a lot of explaining and creative excuses, and since i'm already blowing off color theory and painting from life and a really cool illustration workshop this weekend to go camping, i'd better not push my luck.
  • packing for the weekend's camping trip, which first requires rounding up all the camping gear.
  • …which means i'll have to find all the things i bought from REI after the last camping trip, because i realized they were things i couldn't live without when camping, so bought, then Put In A Safe Place.
  • i'll scour my house looking for the Safe Place I Put Stuff In, not find it, think about making a panicked run to REI, realize they've already closed, say 'fuck it,' and go camping anyway, resolving to buy the things i couldn't live without again when i get back and This Time Put Them In A Really Safe Place I Mean It, only to have them disappear with their co-conspirators when i go on the next camping trip, and repeat this all over again. somewhere in my house is a vortex containing all the cool camping whatsits i've bought over the years.
  • cleaning up the house so that i'm not overwhelmed by a stack of dirty dishes in the sink when i walk in the kitchen door from the camping trip
  • and locating my hiking boots. no matter how much i try to tell myself i can go hiking just fine in birkenstock sandals, that doesn't make it true.

so whether or not i'll get much time to also take photos of art and post those in the gallery by 8 tomorrow morning is highly debatable.

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