how is it that i can have:

  • a moleskine storyboard book (for quickly sketching out ideas in meetings)
  • a moleskine notes book (for goals)
  • a moleskine sketchbook (for notes and pictures and whatnot)
  • a treo 650 (for SMS messages, trying to browse the web and failing, which only talks to iCal, and sneers at work's entourage and exchange server. i barely talk on the phone at all, really.)
  • iCal (a calendar i can stand to look at, and is the only thing the treo will negotiate with)
  • (for personal mail and encrypted mail)
  • entourage (for work mail and meeting reminders, and exporting those to iCal)
  • studiometry (for freelance and studio work)
  • tracks (a web-based to-do list)
  • a powerbook (for personal things and work things work forgets that i actually need a laptop to pull off)
  • a G5 (for work)

and still be disorganized?

what i'd like is to be able to do ALL of this from one device. just one. not a handful of different, scattered things. i can dream, can't i?

and now, back to dealing with the latest work bout of annual amnesia, where people forget all about the end of the calendar year and get to tell me that although they took months to do something, could i please turn my end of the project around overnight?

half a league, half a league, half a league onward...

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