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cutting the above as a stencil is a bad idea, in case you were thinking of a similar endeavor. cutting it through two layers is especially bad.

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this week at Saltmine U. has been full of wild swings between panicked clients, and waiting around for things to finish. i do, however, continue to enjoy the new office's view. boss' boss said he wanted me to enjoy coming in, considering how far my commute was. i told him i definitely enjoyed it.

Photo 122107 001

my drafting table arrived this afternoon, and its drafting chair. now the office looks like it's the right size, instead of like i'd have to pack a lunch to walk across the room. it's achieved almost full awesomeness potential -- it just needs more art and more decorating. i really must bring in the good camera to do this place justice.

how many crises can one week have? this one contained 4 major ones, and too many minor ones to count. oh, how i love the last work week in december; the collective amnesia that strikes people is funny. ;)

on my days off, i plan to catch up on some projects, and to relax. or try to, anyway.