starstruck by spectrum

Spectrum 14: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art (Spectrum (Underwood Books)) is now out, and i picked up a copy today at lunch.

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such fantastic art inside (well, you'd hope that, wouldn't you, from a collection of work from fantasy artists who're at the top of their game).

an unexpected side effect of looking through the book: looking at an amazing piece of art, reading who did it, and thinking oh my god, i had no idea they were this good when i said hello to them at comic-con. i don't generally get starstruck when in the presence of famous people, but if i'd known just how good the artists i met were, i'm not sure i'd ever have been able to work up the nerve to show them my portfolio. to say hello, yes. pass the time, make small talk, and commiserate about how infernally hot and unbearable the main convention floor was… yes. but show them my work? hell no. that's a little too much putting myself out there.

and yet, they're all gracious and kind people, who were also really tired and sweaty and cranky on the convention floor, and killing time at their tables, waiting for people to come buy their art and talk to them about it.

speaking of art, back to work. heigh ho.

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