apathy isn't attractive

today's Super Tuesday, so here are some things to think about on your way to the polls:

if you haven't seen "the oreo cartoon," a short about the national budget spending, by one of the founder's of ben & jerry's ice cream, you can watch it here:

read up on the issues and candidates in your state, then get yourself over to your local polling place and vote. the league of women voters runs a non-partisan site that supplies information about the candidates and issues, vote411.org. there, you can check out the full text of the propositions, review the campaign finance data, and inform yourself. if that's above your reading comprehension level, or you're shaky on what a referendum is, there's also the easy voter guide version, in which dick and jane go to the ballot box.

haven't registered to vote yet?

in california, you're out of luck and won't be able to vote today. however, you should still register so that you can vote in the november election.

registered to vote, but just don't give a damn?

chew on this: in the 2004 presidential elections, only 79% of the voting-age population registered to vote; and only 55.27% of the voting-age population voted.* that's 44.73% of the american population who decided to abdicate their right to vote. 44.73% who figured that it was too hard, or their vote didn't matter, or they couldn't be bothered. go ask al gore if a single vote doesn't matter.

when i run into someone who proudly admits to not having voted, i quietly lop off 50 IQ points, and lose 2d20 respect for them, as i move them onto my 'dullard' list. apathy isn't attractive. seriously -- who would you want to spend time with? someone who's engaged, passionate, and cares about issues? or someone who just can't be fucked to make a decision or make themselves heard?

and remember -- if you don't vote, don't bitch about the state the country's in.

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