a morning where everything is harder than it should be

woke up this morning with a splitting headache, which is not particularly how i wanted to begin a day off. after spending most of the morning so far staring blearily at the walls, i decided to resume the long-abandoned choker-restringing project.

i enjoy making stuff, which shouldn't be too much of a surprise. while some people are only designers, or only illustrators, i don't know many like that. most creative people i know are endlessly creative across many disciplines. if left to my own devices, i will idly fiddle with anything at hand to make little sculptures out of things like straw paper, napkins, or whatever happens to be in my pockets. i cook very inventively and well, although i tend to be really slack on things like fishing bones out of my cooking stock. (i figure it's an interactive experience when you eat my soup, that way.)

this sometimes surprises people who don't know me well, and they get almost indignant about my venturing into anything that isn't strictly two-dimensional, or done on paper. people also get upset when they discover i write, too. it's like they want to put me into some designer ghetto, or something.

back to the choker.


here it is, sitting on my coffee table, in not one, but two haphazard starts. the top version has breastplate spacers, cut into chunks. this seemed for some reason like a really great idea in the store -- i could save time and not have to punch a bunch of very small holes into latigo leather. however, the breastplate spacers have holes spaced correctly for the larger-in-diameter four-inch hairpipe, not the inch-and-a-half hairpipe i have in the house. this is not very helpful.

so then i gave serious thought to just trying to make an old-style bandolier of hairpipe, but realized i have nowhere to wear it to. then i considered a women's breastplate, and came to the same conclusion. also, i have no four-inch hairpipe.

then i sighed and decided what i really needed, was more coffee. so off to get some of that, and maybe even go have lunch. which, come to think of it, might be why my head's hurting, since i forgot to eat dinner last night. coffee now.

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