tough decisions

My Penny Arcade t-shirt order arrived today, and now, I have a very tough decision.

Here are the shirts, fresh out of the bag, sitting on my drafting table/place for oil paintings to dry:


This is a tough one, folks -- which shirt do I wear first?

There's the "Wil Says: Don't be a Dick" shirt, which alludes to Wil Wheaton's awesome PAX keynote address, thus keeping up my gamer grrl cred. If you haven't listened to it yet, check it out -- he was dead on about how gaming builds relationships with each other -- and "Don't be a Dick" can't be repeated enough. And it's always good to support one's fellow writers, artists, and geeks:


Or, the shirt spawned from the Penny Arcade "My Comeuppance" strip that every gamer friend of mine sent me when it came out in August. I have been using Photoshop since before it had layers (v2.5, folks), I'm an artist, and my suckiness at FPS games is pretty legendary, surpassed only by my lack of musical skill... so this shirt does seem almost made for me:


Hrm. Well, since Gary Gygax just died, in honor of him, I'm going to settle this by the time-honored tradition... of rolling a d20.

(You hear the clatter of a single die on a hard table, behind a flimsy cardboard screen; it clatters again.)

My inner geek won the roll with a 17.


(But my inner artist decided the neckline of the shirt had to be fixed with scissors, in retaliation.)

So hey -- go out and buy a shirt and spread the Don't be a Dick meme!

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