this week in the art cave

some thumbnail homework:

Img 0173

a sketch from last saturday night, done in almost complete darkness:


and the latest assignment: a study from the old masters. i've decided to do:

Sick Bacchus Wga

because nothing says 'i need a drink,' like caravaggio's sick bacchus. you can almost hear him asking, 'so, you're opening another bottle, right?'

and as if that weren't enough, this week is complicated by having my landlord decide to refinance the property, which means he and an appraiser will be at the house on thursday. which necessitates i be there to keep the dog from killing the landlord. oh, and a sudden panic of cleaning up the backyard, which has weeds three feet high and random tree branches everywhere.

this would be an easy task if: i hadn't hurt my back and been on muscle relaxants and painkiller for the last 10 days; and if i weren't amazingly allergic to plants. so tonight, i'll be getting estimates from gardeners (who had better not flake), to see how ruinous and exorbitant the charges will be to come in and clean it all up tomorrow morning, before the landlord and appraiser show up.

good times.

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