20 Design Reminders: #3 -- Speak with one visual voice

Third in a series of 20 reminders for graphic designers -- my riffs on "Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual" (Timothy Samara)

3. Speak with one visual voice.

Make sure that everything you're doing inside a piece is consistent with the other parts of the piece. For example, if you're designing a corporate stationery package, don't switch from using a large, chunky slab serif on the business cards and letterhead, to delicate script on the envelope to make it look like an engraved wedding invitation.

Just as when you speak, you should modulate your voice's pitch, tone, and volume to keep your listeners interested and engaged, you should visually modulate your voice as well. You wouldn't shout nonstop at someone unless their life was in danger (one hopes):


Nor whisper so they strain to hear:


No, instead, you'd regulate your voice so it matched what you were saying:

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Kesselskramer Amsterdam 03

See how it all flows together like you planned it? Now go forth, and do likewise!

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