a bit stumped

I've been working on ideas for a presentation that would explain what my department actually does to the other departments in our division. You'd think this would be easy, but no. See, my department is where all the random things that didn't fit anywhere else got lumped together, making it extremely difficult to think of one cohesive thing that bonds us all together. All my ideas so far are not flattering.

'[Department]: We're the Swiss Army knife of {division].'


'[Department]: We're the weird bits on the [division] multitool.'

Not so much.

'We do all the other stuff.'

Why I didn't go into advertising should be fairly apparent by now. I could reuse the presentation I made in 2005, but that's my plan B, and seems a little like cheating. But how do you come up with a way to explain the wildly different things we do? I have to come up with a kickass idea, fast.

So, back to the drawing board, literally.

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