It's been a busy few weeks at the Art Cave.

Moving preparations, which I'd been putting off, now need to be tackled At Once, as I now have a little over a month to winnow, cull, and pack up all my worldly possessions. This makes me want to take to my bed with the vapors. Tackling it even a little bit at a time is overwhelming. Where are my cabaña boys to handle this all?


Work is busy, I suppose, in the sense that there is a lot to do, with no immediate deadline for most of the projects -- just a distant thought about how it really should all get done soonish. So Saltmine U. continues much as it has been.


I have a new painting to do, which I'm quite excited about, but want to keep the subject secret until it's finished.

More class work from the man with two silver earrings than I want to think about is in the queue.


Comic-con looms.


And all this, combined with summer heat, is giving me a severe case of lassitude, and lack of appetite -- sure signs of stress. Some people, when stressed, devour everything that isn't nailed down. I, however, end up picking at food when I get preoccupied, and have to be reminded to eat. Stress exacerbates this. The only thing that sounds appealing at the moment is faffing about, drinking gin & tonic.


That's not the only thing.

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