yard sale aftermath

I had a yard sale on Saturday morning:


That's what was left after Saturday and Sunday morning. Everything went, except for the headboard the rednecks left behind, and those boxes, mostly empty. Lots of the paintings I'd done as studies got taken, which is good. Free was about all most of those were worth. My habit of purging the house of things I don't need every six months, which, while it definitely cuts down on the things in the house -- makes for tiny garage sales. If I hadn't rounded it out with the furniture and tools the redneck neighbors left, there would've been maybe a bag of clothes, and a few boxes of random household things. Oh, and the studies.

While I needed to go through the house and clean out old things anyway, I have to say that perhaps the $38.25 I made was not quite worth the extreme lack of sleep it took to get everything organized. Between Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night, I got a whopping six hours' worth of sleep, and I paid for it yesterday, heavily. I slept until 3 in the afternoon. Oof.

The part I'm coming to hate about moving is the limbo. Every room now is torn up and half-packed. I can't pack everything until it's much closer to the moving date. And I can't leave everything until the last minute (though it is certainly getting quite tempting to do so). Also, I don't recommend trying to work in a studio that's been hit by the tornado of moving detritus. Deadlines don't give a damn, though.

I've been trying to keep the new place in mind, and focus on the good things it has: a bathtub, a dishwasher, a fireplace, a garbage disposal, air conditioning, more space, more storage, a private garage, a kitchen big enough for more than one person, a pool and hot tub nearby. Just an entire room for the studio alone will be wonderful.

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