ah, packing.

I got back safely from Nerd Prom. It went well, though it was a long day. I picked up a decent amount of work, and got to meet Dave McKean. Right there, really, I could've called it a day and been happy, but no. There was even more.

  • Colleen Doran was beyond awesome when she did her panel on resources for creators; I wish it had run longer. If you want to be an illustrator, listen to her advice. I also wish I had the money to buy a lot of her art, and I'm not saying that just because she wrote that I was "gorgeous and glamorous."
  • I ran into my friend Carlo Arellano and made him and his wife promise to come visit me when I move. He'd gotten himself listed on his badge as 'Chainsaw,' which he was very amused by. It was strange to see him surrounded by fanboys in the portfolio review section, because I remember both of us slavishly copying other fantasy artists' work when we were supposed to be doing our calculus. If he doesn't come visit, I'll have to walk over to his parents' place and talk to his mom. Now that's a threat.
  • Amandarin came and found me in the portfolio review, and we walked back to the exhibit hall. Someday I will actually see what it is she does, but she has one of those jobs where if you do it properly, you're invisible -- so that makes it difficult. So far, all I have seen if her lying on the makeshift studio stage, waiting for... something… to happen. There is more to it than that, I'm sure.
  • Got to thank Randall Monroe of xkcd fame for writing the "Pix Pls" strip.
  • Also got to sneak off into a dark corner to talk about an artist geek project, which is going to be massively awesome.
  • Dave McKean drew in my sketchbook.
  • Went to the newgrounds.com party, afterward. I was so glad to get off my feet and have beer and food that I planted myself in a corner and waited until my friends were ready to go home. I was about as social as pocket lint. No, less -- pocket lint actually gets close to people, while I did my level best to not speak, as I'd used up all my socializing during the day. And that's generally the point at which I begin saying what I really think, instead of what's polite, and that rarely goes well for anyone involved. So a dark corner with beer it was.
  • Then I made it to my friends' house, and promptly fell down, barely remembering to get undressed before I crawled into bed.

I do think I've somehow managed to gain the superpower of Summon Person, as I have never seen so many people I wanted to see at that convention when I have my cel phone on me. I would think, 'Hmm, I wish I could see X,' and then a couple of minutes later, X would come walking down the aisle or be just around the corner.

The next day was going tolerably well until that evening, when I hit a wall at 8, and could not draw anything on demand, much less any of the things I was supposed to in rapid succession. I left early, fully intending to rest -- but I had had so much caffeine to keep myself awake, that I could not fall asleep until 3 the next morning. Don't try this at home, kids.

Sunday was all about other friends coming by to get their stuff from my attic, then checking out the state of my new place. Ye gods. I'm very glad that most of the appliances were so broken they needed to be replaced -- and just leave it at that. I'll have to strip wallpaper off the walls in the master bedroom, though. Not looking forward to climbing up on a ladder at that height, as I have a relatively decent grasp of physics.

The last couple of days have all been work, and packing. Notice how I am putting off the packing even now.

Back to it, I suppose…

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