Wildfire fun

Oh, the fun and excitement of fire season.

After being up at 2 am to put out a work fire, I decided at 9:30 to go to bed and nap until 1, then head down to the studio for the afternoon and night classes. Sensible, right?

Not when wildfires are raging in the hills south of you!

First, the only freeway that leads south was blocked off. Then, the batcave road that parallels the freeway south was also barricaded. No problem, I thought: just head east a bit and go around the hills on the east side of the canyon, then south, then west, and pick up the road south again. That was also barricaded, I discovered. Awesome. Got herded by the highway patrol onto the 15, a freeway MUCH further inland than I want to be for my destination being a studio 3 blocks from the beach.

I would turn around, but traffic's stopped in both directions.

Been driving for 2.5 hours. Hurrah. Will I make the night class? Stay tuned, true believers. Traffic's moving again; must go. Wildfire fun