Graphic designer test, and a thank you

From the 5th Annual World Graphic Design Foosball Championship at Pentagram:

Wgdfc08 Sahre
Paul Sahre challenges suspected non-designers Big Spaceship (2) with the 'Are you a graphic designer?' test. They passed.

You know, that graphic designer test needs to be in pocket form, to deploy when needed with clients and random people who think they're a designer. Paul Sahre, I'm looking at you.


As you might have guessed from the lack of fire-related information, the evacuation's been lifted, and I'm fine. Well, I haven't gotten any phone calls saying that the wind changed drastically, so I'm supposing my place is still as intact as it was when I left this morning at 5:30.

It's interesting to see who's there for you and who isn't, when things like this happen. An acquaintance of some renown managed to find 10 seconds to wish me luck and safety while being horribly busy in Africa, while people I'd known for years, who lived less than 25 miles away, were totally silent. One friend's efforts resulted in offers of help from total strangers pouring in.

As I said to that friend this morning:

There were people I'd known well for years, decades, even, who didn't bother to call and see how I was, because, they said, they knew I'd handle it and I'd call them if I needed anything. Well, while that's all true, and while I am rather good in a crisis -- it wasn't logistical support I needed, but emotional support. And you were totally there with it, even though I didn't ask. I'm very touched. Thank you.

And those of you who couldn't be bothered? Thank you, too. Thank you for helping me make the decision about where to put my time, energy, and love.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have minions to flog.

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