Sunken Treasure media kit


My Best Internet Acquaintance, Wil Wheaton, has released his Sunken Treasure chapbook out to the general public, and now you can buy a copy of your very own without having to go see him at a convention. You can also get it in PDF format, if you don't want to wait for a hard copy. Buy both, what the hell!

If you haven't yet read any of Wil's work, Sunken Treasure is a great introduction. His writing is authentic, witty, and heartfelt. I've enjoyed watching him hone his skills as a writer on his blog over the last couple of years, and in Sunken Treasure, he's really hit his stride and come into his own voice. It's "This American Life" for geeks. I've urged quite a few friends to go and read his blog, and now I'm strongly suggesting you all check out his book to get a feel for what his longer books are like.

If you'd like to promote the book by passing out flyers, as it happens, I've also done a media kit for Sunken Treasure. How about that? When Wil asked me if I was down to do a media kit for Sunken Treasure, my answer was HELLS YEAH! I believe in supporting the members of the Creative Geek tribe as best I can, and this is a great way to do it. You can get the media kit right here, from me, until such time as it goes up at Monolith Press.

A small banner (180x50px):

Sunken Treasure Small

A large banner (480x400px):

And a nifty flyer (8.5 x 11):

I based the designs off the cover design by Matt Brooker.

Support your fellow creative geeks and help get the word out about Wil's work!

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