Chip Shop Awards


Nominees for the 2009 Chip Shop Awards are out. Man, I wish I could get away with doing advertising like this -- with a sense of humor. Specifically, British humor. Some of the categories:  

  • Best Use of Shocking Copy
  • Best Work for any Brand you Haven't a Hope of Winning
  • Best Work for a Client You Have but Haven't a Hope of Running
  • Best Reject - for ads that have been rejected by clients but you feel should have run
  • Best Use of Plagiarism
  • Best Work for a Relative or Friend

Some of the nominated ads are dreadful; others brilliantly shocking. I so need to come up with my own. It's refreshing to see that other people are in the same boat of political correctness killing off good ideas. Of course, you have to do what the client wants, but sometimes you get sick of that. That's what these awards are for.