I've been kicking around the idea of redesigning -- by doing the entire thing with Drupal.

You know how some people, in the face of impending deadlines, suddenly decide that they've just got to vacuum the baffles on the fridge right this very second? And then they have to scrub their floors with a toothbrush? (That is, people-who-are-not-my-mother. She does that kind of crazy housekeeping all the time. FOR FUN.) Not having inherited that level of cleanliness, this is my version: making an already complicated schedule even more complicated, by piling another extremely labor-intensive project onto the list of things I'm supposed to be doing.

That kind of procrastination is a sign I have a painting at a stage I hate. I become convinced that surely an epileptic six-year-old could do better, and I should just light the entire home studio on fire, so there was never any evidence of my failed attempts.

And they wonder why there's never any early work from most Old Masters.