typical day: the numbers

meditations done today: 1.

hours spent so far in traffic: 1.25.

hours left to spend in traffic: 1.5 - 2.5.

meetings so far: 3.

coffee consumed: 1 pot.

invoices sent for freelance work: 1.

emails received today from work: 14.

emails sent today for work: 8.

phone calls: 6.

outfit: black pants, black shirt, black jacket, black birkenstocks, black wrist braces.

designs sent back to minion to be redone: 2.

remaining meetings involving presenting 3D design of a storefront, accessories for storefront and 2D comps of print collateral, with client, boss, boss' boss, and client's boss: 1.

aforementioned meetings canceled because boss' boss had a sudden conference call with his boss: 1.

aforementioned-twice meetings rescheduled: 1.

aforementioned meeting of doom suddenly back on at the last minute because boss' boss' boss canceled the conference call: 1.

migraines had today: 1.

drugs consumed: lithium, prozac, midrin, excedrin migraine, caffeine, diet coke.

workouts: 0.

calories burned trying to find people, refraining from strangling, and grinding teeth: 625.

hours worked as of 2 p.m. : 7.

hours spent in meetings so far: 2.75.

hours left in the work day: 3.