art director demographic

i just ordered the art director t-shirt from CP+B, the same agency who did the MINI campaign. the bag they designed is pretty sweet, too. now, if only i could get away with wearing their flip-flops at work… but i'll have to content myself with wearing the high-end birkenstocks.

i love their copy:

"Before now, looking like a real live CP+B employee meant jumping through a bunch of hoops. Sleep deprivation. Poor hygiene. The systematic alienation of every single person who loves you. But thanks to our new line of authentic CP+B gear, you can dress like a CP+B staffer without the hassle of total commitment."

i don't know that i've systematically alienated every single person who loves me -- but the sleep deprivation and poor hygiene is dead on. it's an interesting reminder that for all i seem different, i am, when it comes down to it, an awful lot like every other art director. i like shiny things. i like well-designed things. i like black clothing because i just don't have to think about what i'm wearing. and i have pesky minions and clients and Boss' Bosses who insist on meeting with me.