nice guys finish last

this is a post from someone i know online, who did the right thing, and could use some help as a result.

"So, my company has hit a slow period (due to declining gas prices. We make fireplaces, so lower gas prices mean more gas heating.) and we had to lay off a bunch of people.

Well, it came down to a choice between me and a guy who was hired on the same day. So they looked to production numbers. I happen to produce more by a good 60 percent. Of course, I also happen to be 17 years younger.

But the company didn't care, and so decided on laying him off.

Except for the fact he's got 3 kids and a wife to support, and barely makes rent, food, and his children's needs.

I'm young, I can recover. So I told them to lay me off instead, and if they wouldn't then I'd just quit so they wouldn't have to lay him off.

So here I am, jobless scum of the earth, because I had the moral fiber to make a sacrifice on behalf of someone else.

Sure, people would say that the look on his face when he realized I sacrificed my job for his was worth it all... But I'm not quite that mushy. It was the right thing to do.

Of course, now I have no job. I guess I can't take the right thing to the bank.

Anyway, if anyone in the Seattle area happens to know of a job, I'm presently looking. I've had jobs all over, and work my bollocks off no matter where I'm working, or what I'm doing.

I've worked construction, metalworking, sales, customer relations, and am ex-Army. Most importantly, I pride myself (and not egotistically so) on being able to learn to do anything. I just work that hard at it."

i hate seeing someone do the right thing, and end up poorer for it. (yes, yes, i know he's spiritually rich.) if anyone knows of anything in the seattle area, please let me know, and i'll pass it on to him. please feel free to distribute as you see fit.