model-m keyboards, bodice, and minion

it amuses me no end to see that neil gaiman wrote most of sandman on a model-m keyboard, which is being raffled off for charity. i have a model-m keyboard, and that thing's indestructible. it broke one of my toes, survived countless splashes of coffee, and makes such a racket that it repels the cat, who otherwise loves to type.

in other news…

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  • work's going quite well, now that i at last have a competent minion. who is so competent that i might have to give a new nickname to the position, as 'minion' implies a dullard incapable of independent thought. 'henchman' might work. however, it is strange, offloading work onto someone else, and not having it take more time than it would if i just did it myself. well, at the moment, it's still taking more time than it would if i did it myself, as explaining the intricacies of Saltmine U's bureaucracy takes slightly less time than some geological ages. but i hope that will become less necessary, soon.
  • on the painting front, i'm beginning to see some real progress, and it's heartening. i'm fighting the materials less.
  • i'm making a new bodice so that i can go out and visit/half-work at southern faire this season. for the last two years running, i've grown smaller than my faire clothes (which is good), but that's resulted in trying to make an oversized bodice fit. and that is an exercise in pain and suffering. at the end of the day i've spent out at site, i tell myself that next time, i'm going to make a new bodice. and then time passes, and i keep thinking it's not worth it to make such a labor-intensive article of clothing for only a day or two… and then i put it on, and am in agony by the end of the day, which i'm not used to.
  • that said, does anyone know why alter years is no longer open to walk-in customers? it's the home depot of faire costuming, and it's faire season. grr. [EDIT] okay, i do know why. there's no longer a store, it's in the owner's house. i called her, and all is well. i'll be going over there on friday, for bodice-supply acquisition.