the Faire Folk diet

i try on my bodice last night as i'm getting all my faire stuff together in the night-before checklist. annoying, my body has once again pulled one of its favorite stunts: waiting to shrink until the interval between making a very complicated custom piece of clothing, and the first time i have to wear it.

i swear, this thing fit fine last sunday. but now it's going to have to be laced so that it overlaps in the front.

over the years i've been working on recovering from the biopsy-induced lack of exercise and thus weight gain, i can be eating right and exercising dutifully for months, and see no change in my measurements. actual decrease in numbers on a scale has never been my strong point, either. i'm quite capable of losing eight inches in my waist, but gaining twenty pounds. this used to frustrate the hell out of me, because hey, i'm human and i like to have positive reinforcement at regular intervals. but now apparently i've found the secret! all i have to do to get my body to get with the program is to make an incredibly complicated piece of custom clothing and then have an event to wear it to!

hey, when i factor in all the materials and cost and time… this is cheaper than jenny craig or weight watchers or HRM. i think i'm on to something… i'll call it the Faire Folk diet.