being on the other side of the desk

it struck me that i have no problem at all putting together my design portfolio. i know what to include; i know my best pieces; i know how many to put in; i have about 100 projects i can drop in and out of it, depending on what potential client i'm showing it to. i don't feel the overwhelming anxiety and sheer terror that i do about my art and illustration portfolio. i hate being on the other side of the desk when i'm not as confident about that aspect of my creative skill. design? sure. i know i'm good. when i begin to doubt i'm good, i can go look at my awards. (of course, then the nagging inner whispers of what have you done lately? start…)

irene gallo, AD for Tor books, wrote a great post about how to make an art portfolio. i remember her as one of the very few art directors that took the time to write me back a couple of years ago, when i sent her a PDF of my portfolio -- i thought that was very cool of her to do.

taking shots of the Doesn't Suck pile of art has been problematic -- i'm still getting so much shine on the paintings that it's hard to tell what they're even of. i've got to come up with a better way to shoot them, and probably need more lighting, as counterintuitive as that sounds.

for today, i'm going to go collect all of my old art and hide it in a gallery album that only i can see, so it's still up on the site in case i need it, but only my current Doesn't Suck work will be visible. once i get it shot, that is.

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