drawing videos

my teacher and friend, ron lemen, has not one, but two killer videos up at youtube: a 60-second speed drawing and fundamentals of life drawing.

the day i found those videos, i showed them off proudly to anyone who'd sit still, and was accosting random people to force them to watch the clips. it was nothing short of awesome to see people's reactions -- across the board, they said variations on, 'holy crap! he's amazing! no wonder you spend your saturdays with him! goddamn!' i was so proud. still, it's a bit weird to see ron out of the environment i'm used to seeing him in. it threw me for a loop to see him in a tv studio, instead of the art studio.

i hope that the chance to show off his talent to a wider audience will bring more interest in his work and studio 2nd street. i also hope that vanessa will do some videos of her own and show off her talent, too. that would rock.

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