pantagruel 4.0 is up! v4.0, is now up and running!

i agonized over this design. after throwing up several designs that i just couldn't make up my mind on, i took a deep breath, and decided to follow Designer Law #47: if you can't make up your mind about using it, don't use it.

so i went with something really simple, that's of a piece with the blog and the gallery, which are pretty much what i want the site to consist of. here's my art, and here's me talking about art. simple, right? i'd liked the perspective sketch of the mission, but it looked ehh in its faint pencil. inverted, that's another story entirely! it works much better than i envisioned, and ties neatly back to the look of pantagruel 3.0.

this most likely means i'll have to finish fleshing out the rest of the blog's links to things like, oh... contact information. you know, small things like that. and, very possibly, change the headers on the blog and gallery to match the perspective sketch on black.

but hey, it's up!

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