lack of steering

my preparations for comic-con were sidelined yesterday by the Great Power Steering Fluid Hunt, which had me up until 11:45 last night, looking for any 24-hour auto parts store that carried the stuff. mini coopers take a special german hydraulic fluid, which is difficult to find -- only the dealers have it, and some places online. you'd have thought that my dealer would've given me the right fluid when i went in to their parts department yesterday, but you'd be wrong. in a fit of black humor or incompetence, they gave me exactly the one fluid that would manage to ruin my power steering system, if put in. luckily my best friend works near the dealer, and picked some up for me. let's see how that fixes the problem for now -- though i suspect i'll have to add replacing the seals and maybe the pump to the ever-growing list of things i need to get maintained on the car, which was running at over $1300 before the power steering nonsense.

no pressure or anything to get freelance work. naah.

so. tonight, i'm beating down the panic and anxiety over completing my hard copy of my portfolio, and forcing myself to get it done. if i let my negative ego steer, i can think of about a dozen things i'd rather be doing, and a hundred reasons why my art isn't good enough to even show to anyone. just like my car, i'm now whining when turned in the direction i need to go.

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