new office layout

Photo 082907 002
my monitor, as seen from under my desk.

Photo 082907 003
my setup, on the floor. thankfully, minion fetched coffee.

Photo 082907 006
a very annoyed me.

my back started hurting a couple of days ago. after resting it last night, it seemed fine this morning, so i went into work. drove my car without a problem, but when i got into slushbucket, that changed 15 miles into the commute. after an hour of sitting in my chair, i was so stiff, standing sucked. sitting was also not such a hot idea. so now i'm laying on my office floor, with the keyboard and mouse down here. luckily, i have no meetings today, and am working on my touch typing. i'm better than i thought!

send flexeril.

p.s. the universal access features in OS X for disabled people have just come into their own. OMG the zooming in feature is a godsend.

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