a day of a lot of nothing

i don't often complain about it being hot; it takes temperatures of over 100° to make me think, 'gee, i should put on some shorts.' today, however, was damn hot. still IS hot, at 2 in the morning.


i got paid a day early because of the holiday, so i ran a lot of errands today; some of them twice. i went to sterling art by myself, with no one standing on one foot and the other, getting bored out of their mind. if i wanted to spend half an hour in the second of three brush aisles, i would. and i did. most of the time, i like running errands with my friends, but not to an art store; it's not fair to ask anyone else to come along for the potential hours of indecision. i picked up some windsor & newton hog bristle brushes for oil that i really like the feel of; and managed to find the elusive da vinci viridian green that's been out of stock for months at rhino art. what new pain awaits me in the studio in a few hours, i'm not sure -- but i'm totally ready with the new brushes and replacement paint. i still wish i could figure out what the hell has happened to my tub of brush cleaner, though.

the bad part about payday, of course, is that it immediately all leaves my bank account to pay bills. i now have less than a year before i will be completely out of debt. 11 more months. it seems like it's been an eternity. and the bad part about so much debt for so long, and buying very little that could ever be considered frivolous, is that sometimes i snap and buy something completely just for fun.


like today, when i bought a severely-on-sale xbox 360. i managed to somehow get another award at work, so i used that money for a large part of the console price. a big selling point of the xbox is that it would be hooked up to my tv, downstairs, which is easily 20° cooler than upstairs, where my computers are. and, unlike my pc, it hasn't overheated yet in the inferno of my house (although given a lot of people's experiences, that may happen yet); unlike my mac, there are games for it. unlike my linux server, it has graphics. and, it has a tolkien game, battle for middle-earth ii.


because who doesn't want to kill orcs in their spare time?