air conditioning and other bonuses

sometimes, the biggest motivating factor that gets me out of bed at 5:15 a.m. is that my office has air conditioning. not that working at Saltmine U. doesn't have its other benefits. in the spirit of trying to get motivated at 4:30 in the afternoon, during the lull when no one ever likes their job, and starts idly wondering if perhaps yak farming in tibet isn't a better life path -- i'll list some of the other ones. it also has:

  • a world-class library system with multiple libraries of books for me to check out! (once i pay my horrendous and embarrassing late fees and they let me take books away again. i now have the world's most expensive copy of american gods.)
  • the freedom to order an insane amount of office supplies, pretty much on-demand. i never do go nuts, but it's nice to know i could. 500 boxes of staples could be mine if i wanted.
  • museums that i keep forgetting to go to see the cool exhibits at, and instead only remember their existence when there's something really lame showing. somehow, a survey of 14th-century spindles just isn't my idea of a hot time.
  • a bathroom on the same floor as my office!
  • desks of wood veneer!
  • a VoIP phone, on which i have set the hold music to be Saltmine U's fight song!
  • an office fridge that no one steals food out of!

and as if that weren't enough (and don't you kinda wish it were?):

  • soon, there will be a constant stream of busy and nervous freshmen, all trying very hard to impress each other with how cool and sophisticated they are.
  • it also has not one, but two major coffee chain stores within 50 yards!

it's damn exciting over here, let me tell you. especially after coffee #4 of the day.

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